Take a look at our previous campaigns for various clients in different niches. We boast years of experience and are very comfortable with any kind of design that you desire.

Our Proprietary Social Video Technology

We create Facebook Video Competitions, Social Directories & have our very own proprietary Webinar Platform for all of your Social Video business needs.

Facebook Audience Targeting Tools

Our proprietary Facebook Audience Research Software to discover laser targeted audiences for effective low-cost Facebook Video Campaigns.

Car Sales Car Sales Restaurant Dentist Real Estate

Car Sales

If you want to show promos, offers and other goodies for your car sales business, then something like this video will definitely work.


Are you a restaurant owner and looking to get more people to eat? Videos that offer coupons with calls-to-action that lets viewers redeem them is perfect.


Are you a dentist that's looking for new leads? Video campaigns is the perfect way to get new patient signups. This video is the perfect example.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of those industries that greatly benefit from videos. If a picture says a thousand words, then videos of properties says it all,

Fitness Center Fitness Center Night Club Lawyer Fashion

Fitness Center

Enticing people to come to your gym or fitness center? A video that contains offers and exciting exercise programs will work and get you new members.

Night Club

Showcase your latest happenings and all-night party themes using video. A perfectly executed campaign is the difference between an empty bar and an untouched one.


If you want people to know about your legal acumen, then video is the way to go. Something like this one, would be perfect. Clean with a clear call-to-action.


Show your latest designs on video and let people spread the word on social media by sharing your video about your latest line of dresses.

Restaurant Restaurant Night Club Hotel Jewelry Store


Our restaurant video production has an alluring appeal. We provided a video and marketing services to catch the attention of the audience!

Night Club

This video for night clubs is one that shows the power of videos into getting people to sign up for special events. Insane conversions with this video!


This is a video we made for one of our hotel clients that drives the visitors into their business - meaning more revenue for the client.

Jewelry Store

People searching for jewelry stores want to be excited and engaged by a powerful promotional video - this design attracts buyers!

Dentist Dentist Fashion Coffee Real Estate


Get tons of new leads with video leads just like this one that we did for one of our dentist client. Get results right away as soon as your campaign goes online.


If you're a fashion boutique and you're looking to get people into your store, then this is a video that you can use. This is one of the videos we created for one of our fashion clients.


A good way to get increased customers to your coffee shop is through videos. Create a loyalty video campaign that urges viewers to go to drink coffee and start collecting points.

Real Estate

Real estate videos are always killer. Showing potential buyers videos of properties is the best way to make that sale.

Car Repair Car Repair Computer Services Cupcake Locksmith

Car Repair

Upgrading your marketing campaigns? Why not add video. This video brought wonders to one of our car repair clients.

Computer Services

If you want additional leads for your business, videos like this one we created for our computer services client will get you fresh new leads.


Maximize the online presence for your Cupcake shop with this beautifully produced video. Show your dessert expertise in your daily cupcake shop experience.


This video production is a good fit for your locksmith business. Show your expertise and offerings on the front page with a professional video such as this.

Gardening Gardening Doctor Plumber Wedding


This social video production allows your gardening business to showcase its equipment and expert exterminators. Those looking for gardening services will take notice.


A mobile website design that will suit your doctor's clinic. Have your customers contact you directly with a clear and crisp call to action at the end of your videos.


Make your plumbing company stand out by using this elegant and professional video production. Show the video on your site and enjoy the influx of new customers.


Showcase your expertise, projects and photos your wedding company caters to using this video production. Get more people to contact you after watching the video.

Financial Services Financial Services Law Firm Beauty Salon Travel

Financial Services

This video will help you connect with your prospects by showing them your latest offers and fund performance.

Law Firm

As more people use the internet to search for services including law firms. Use this video to widen your reach.

Beauty Salon

As a beauty salon, having a video campaign is indeed an advantage. Display your expertise and contact details using video landing pages.


This video production is perfect for your travel company. Showcase different services you provide and different destinations and couple that with your latest offers.