Here are just a few sample websites that have been built, in different fields, to underscore the diversity of websites that can built :


1). Staffing Company : A staffing company in D.C, providing hiring opportunities for employees and independent contractors in a wide array of sectors.



2). Security Company : A well-sought after security company that delivery security services to government agencies, big corporations and many individual businesses.



3). Church : A growing church with a dynamic pastor. I built this website to suite his personality. The website has a lot of features – e-commerce, dynamic calendar, ability to pay/donate online, etc. The website is :



4).Restaurant : A website built for a Nigerian Suya Lounge/Restaurant. They have a full menu and provide catering services for social events and gatherings.


5) Another church website : A different, more modern design for a church.



— The above is just a few sample sites to show the diversity of websites that can be built–